Company profile

Η FUN 4all είναι μια καινούρια εταιρεία η οποία δραστηριοποιείται στον χώρο του αθλητισμού, των skate, των gadget και των δώρων. Εξειδικεύεται στο τομέα του  badminton, tennis και squash έχοντας αποκλειστική συνεργασία για Ελλάδα και Κύπρο προς το παρόν με την Kumpoo και Victor και αργότερα με άλλες διακεκριμένες εταιρείες στο χώρο του αθλητισμού .

Our goal is to meet the needs of consumers by introducing products that are hard to find in Greece, mainly for athletes and their clubs. Our goal is the excellent service of the consumers, always keeping in mind the continuous developments in the field of sports, with the primary role being played by the quality, the reliability and our love for sports and further for the consumer. We have a specialized and highly trained staff while the sales department extends throughout Greece, Cyprus and Europe, having in our potential remarkable partners. Our vision is to offer high quality products at the best possible market price.

Company's Philosophy and Vision

Through our many years of involvement in sports we have identified the lack of specialized products in our country. That is why we will try to fill the gap by introducing products that will meet the existing needs. The necessity of an excellent equipment that will lead to both the development and the success of the athlete is a basic condition and importance. Therefore, it is our responsibility to provide our young and old athletes with the necessary equipment so that they can progress in their sport. Collaboration is our weapon for success.